Commercial Document Attestation | Embassy Legalization of Commercial Document in India

Commercial Document Legalization in Delhi India

The written records of commercial businesses describing several aspects of those transactions are simply known as Commercial Documents.

In International trade, either importing or exporting, a lot of documentation is in need which includes commercial documents, transport documents, insurance documents, financial documents and other international trade-related documents. Despite the fact, the number of documents involved in international business is high as such most of them are relatively common.

In international trade not only the accumulation and requirement of commercial document is important but these are also needing to be authenticated by the authorized various governmental organizations as well as the destination country’s Embassy or Consulate of the Country of origin.

The process applying for commercial document attestation is considered to be the act of authenticating the commercial documents associated with any international trade activity. The authentication method, moreover, attestation or legalization process involves getting a stamp and signature on the documents that are to be submitted at the time of the particular business transaction.

The seal and signature states that the particular document is genuine and appropriate to be used within other nation. Having years of experience in Commercial Document Attestation and Legalization, we provide unmatched and reliable authentication services for all types of commercial documents.

Procedure for Commercial Document Attestation in India

The intended Commercial document to be present in other nation needs to be authenticated from various levels of governmental organization of the origin country. It involves getting a stamp and signature on the document which is to be submitted at the time of international business transaction.

Going forward, all of the original Commercial Documents or copies of some particular set of Business Documents need to authenticate by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). The MEA provides two types of Certification, one is normal Attestation and another is Apostille Attestation.

The Commercial Document will be authenticated through couple of stages and the very first step is the Attestation by Chamber of Commerce. In this process, a rubber stamp of the respective Chamber of Commerce must be affixed on each document along with the name of signatory as well as designation.

When the destination Country is a Hague Conventional Country (HCC) then the Apostille Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is final process for all require Certificates and personal documents normally. But all HCC Country do not count on only the MEA Apostille for Commercial Document, as they require further Legalization from the Embassy or Consulate present here in India.

In the final step, the Commercial document will be Attested and Legalized from the Embassy or Consulate of that Country present in India.

Being a responsible and reliable organization, we complete all the Attestation, Authentication and Legalization process with very professionalism manner so that our clients will not any trouble in another country. We like to take full responsibility to make all the complicated Attestation and Legalization process easier to our esteemed clients and pledges to stand on our commitments undeniably.